Nationals Bonaza rules

Entry            $500 per team with all fees going into the kitty

Split             50%   30%   20%

Species:       Tuna – yellowfin, bigeye, Bluefin

                    Billfish: Blue, black and striped marlin, broadbill, shortbill


This will run for the eight days of the Nationals. You must enter this when doing your Nationals registration. This is open to Waihau Bay Nationals contestants only and must be fished out of Waihau Bay.


The winner will be decided by totalling the accumulated points for each boat using the Nationals points system.


For weighed fish the points will be calculated by multiplying the weight of the fish by 100 and dividing by the line weight.



For all tagged marlin the points are 450. A clear photo must be supplied showing the tag in the fish, the time and the date. The coloured ribbon for the day must also be visible in the photo. There is no minimum size for tagging. (On 37kg a 170kg fish is worth 459 points. On 60kg a 265kg fish is worth 441 points).



Weighed fish must equal or exceed line weight

For tagging there is no minimum and points are 450


Shortbill Spearfish:

Weighed shortbill must equal or exceed 10 kgs

No minimum for tagging. Points are 100



For yellowfin the minimum weight is 15kg on line 15kg and above. For line weights 10kg and below the fish must be equal to or exceed line weight

For Bigeye and Bluefin the fish must equal or exceed line weight

No minimum for tagging. Points are 60



It will be the team’s responsibility to decide how to divide any winnings they may earn.


Photos or videos will be verified by two committee members at the club in the evenings. These must clearly show the date and time and the coloured ribbon for the day. The colour will be announced at the club the previous evening.


The Bonanza will be run under the Nationals rules including the use of non-offset circle hooks when using live and dead baits when targeting billfish. (In the NZSFC rule book this is incorrectly written as being a recommendation only.)


In the event of a tie the winning team will be the team to accumulate the points first.