Anniversary Weekend comp Rules

Briefing January 23rd at 6 pm
Fishing January 24th to 28th inclusive 
Prize Giving January 29th at 6 pm
Weigh Times 4 pm to 5 pm daily
The club will be open from 6 pm every evening
The spot prizes will be drawn at 7 pm each evening
The daily tuna prize will also be presented at 7 pm
Open Section: There will be three prizes for marlin (including shortbill), three prizes for tuna (including albacore) and one prize for mahimahi. Tarakihi, kahawai and snapper will all be 1st, 2nd and average. Kahawai and snapper are both measured only.
The daily tuna prize will include albacore. 
Junior Section: 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Measured kahawai and snapper and weighed tarakihi and tuna (including albacore and skipjack)
Landbased  1st, 2nd and 3rd for measured kahawai and snapper and heaviest miscellaneous fish. 
This competition is fished under IGFA Rules. 
Measure Section: You will need to have or purchase a SFC measuring board. You must present a photo of your fish on the board clearly showing the length. The date and time must be displayed on the camera.
TUNA prizes will be awarded by weight only.
MARLIN  may be tagged or weighed. For weighed fish points will be calculated using the Nationals points system i.e. by multiplying the weight of the fish by 100 and dividing by the line weight. For all tagged fish the points are 600. A clear video or photo must be supplied showing the tag in the fish and the date. There is no minimum size for tagging. Points will be accumulated and the angler who accumulates their points last will be the winner.    


  Each angler must present their own fish for weigh-in, and produce their catch card when presenting their fish to be weighed.

Each fish will only be eligible for one prize.  There will be one prize only per angler per species.
Only one fish of each species per angler per day will be accepted for weigh-in.  The following are the species and sizes eligible for the tournament;
Minimum: Kingfish   1m           Kahawai n/a          Snapper  35cm     Tarakihi 30
Catch Cards are to be in the weigh master’s hands by the specified time
The boundaries of the fishing area are Waikawa Point and Lottin Point out to the twelve nautical mile limit.  All boats must return overnight
All fish presented for the weigh-in must be in a fresh condition.
In the event of two or more fish having equal weight/length, the first fish weighed/measured will be deemed the first for recognition in all prize categories
No long lines, nets or craypots to be used.  No electric reels to be used or to be on a competing boat. 
In the event that the tournament is shortened or postponed there is no refund of entries paid
In the interests of safety, the committee reserves the right to delay, shorten, cancel or postpone the tournament.
             Entrants will be notified of any changes
To collect any spot prizes the winner must be present.  If not present the prizes will be redrawn until struck
Any protests relating to the weight of, or manner of weighing a fish must be made to the official weigh master before the fish is removed from the weigh station.  The decision of the weigh master shall be final
Any disputes must be reported to the disputes committee in writing before 9pm of the day of the catch.  The decision of the disputes committee shall be final
The committee reserves the right to inspect or test the line, rods and reels used.  The maximum line weight to be used is 60 kg
Radio communication shall be on VHF Channel 65.  There is one sked at 9.15 am.  Coastguard Radio in Tauranga monitor our channel between 5.45 pm and 9 am. Please respond to them.
It is the skippers/boat owner’s responsibility to ensure they are competent in operating their boat in a safe manner and have all necessary safety equipment on board.
There is a large hole at the bottom of the concrete boat ramp. Avoid this area at low tide. If youare not familiar with the Waihau Bay haven please study the map at the top of the ramp before proceeding. There are rocks in the channel and to the sides.
Launching and retrieving – please take care on the ramp and show consideration to other users.
Poor weather – check the weather before leaving and be sure you have the skill to safely handle your boat in the conditions.
Observe the 5 knot speed restriction within 200m from shore.
A disclaimer must be signed by all skippers who have boats entered into a competition prior to leaving shore.  If the disclaimer is not signed by the skipper /boat owner the competition entry will not be valid.
Make a trip report on CH65 to local Coastguard or Coastguard Radio prior to 9 am and after 5.45 pm
Equipment all boats must carry
Sufficient life jackets for all on board.   A VHF radio.      Preferably an epirb and/or a mobile phone as well.